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i.Fit vibration plate

With ever increasing busy lifestyles it is often difficult to fit in an effective fitness routine, i.fit can change that…

A 10 minute i.fit workout is the equivalent of spending an hour in the gym and you can burn up to 300 calories in just 10 minutes.

How does it work?

The motion of the i.fit machine makes the muscles contract and relax up to 50 times a second, giving the body a high speed workout without you even having to set foot in the gym.

Whilst other machines use either vibration or oscillation, i.fit has two motors – so uses BOTH. As the i.Fit plates move up and down, they also vibrate in a way specifically designed to stimulate and trigger the muscle walls. As this happens the body tries to stabilise itself by contracting the muscles – and ultimately working twice as hard – which gives you better results. Every i.Fit machine has 3 pre set workout programmes, designed to suit all fitness levels.

P1 Beginner Programme Advised for beginners and users that haven\’t exercised for a long time, users with minor health problems and senior users.

P2 General workout This programme will give the user a general all round workout, it is designed for moderately fit users and gives best results for inch loss.

P3 Advanced Programme This programme is advised for advanced users only, it works on body enhancement and muscle toning.

There is also Manual setting, where the user can adjust the machine to suit their personal work out preference.

Once you are a competent i.Fit user you may wish to try some different exercise positions. However we recommend the ‘Overall conditioning’ position for the best all round result.

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