We offer Hi-tech modern lay down and stand up sunbeds. Our tanning equipment is controlled by a state of the art salon management system which eliminates the need for tokens and enables us to provide superior customer service and improved customer safety. We re-tube our sunbeds at 75% of the manufacturer’s recommended operating hours. Havana Tanning Lounge guarantees a convenient, fast and hygienic tanning service.

Take a look at our range of sunbeds below!


Ergoline Avantgarde 600

The Avantgarde 600 sets the standard for luxury medium and high pressure tanning. Its exquisite design will stimulate your senses while delivering maximum UV power. The ergonomically designed recumbent acrylic surface is contoured to your body for absolute comfort as well as eliminating pressure points for an all-over beautiful tan.

A VoiceGuide system with user prompts makes operation stress-free. The exclusive, patented VIT high pressure tanning system enhances melanin production in the upper body and facial region and offers 4 levels of intensity as an added amenity. Features shoulder tanning lamps, internal music system and powerful built-in air-conditioning ensuring a comfortable and relaxing tanning experience.

Ergoline Inspiration 450-S

The Ergoline Inspiration 450-S Turbo gives you comfort that you will not find anywhere else. The design curves of the base in Solid Silver together with the multi-coloured Mood Lights give this new addition to the range a phenomenal aura.

Four Ultra Performance Plus facial tanners and Forty two UV lamps give you a luscious tan from head to toe, and the wide, ergonomically designed base acrylic and generously dimensioned tanning tunnel ensure a particularly relaxing and pleasant tanning session.

Other comfort features include Aqua Fresh & Aroma as well as refrigerated Air Conditioning.The 3D Sound System with MP3 dock, SD-card slot and Subwoofer will bathe any tanning session in a luxurious sea of music.


MegaSun 5600

Self-confident and energetic – striking and precise: that is the new megaSun 5600. Its proportions are dynamic and powerful, yet it remains elegant in the details. The appearance of the front panel with the dynamic LED edging in the fourSeasons color play is both stimulating and fascinating. With its spacious interior, the megaSun 5600 gives you a feeling of freedom.

MegaSun T200

In the beginning there was a dream, of a completely new sun shower, of a completely new design. And now this dream has become reality: megaSun Tower pure Energy sunbed. With its fascinating appearance and innovative Technology, this is the shining centre of attention. No role model, no compromises from head to toe an original megaSun. Sometimes the head decides, sometimes the heart. Why not listen to both – with the megaSun Tower pure Energy at Havana Tanning Lounge.

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As If this year wasn’t bad enough, our salon has been flooded from upstairs flats. We have been trying very hard to get everything done and dealt with by the 2nd of December but unfortunately it is impossible and out of our hands. We hope to open up ASAP. Just please bear with us, we will keep you informed. I’m sorry to give you such a bad news and apologies for any inconvenience. Xx

We look forward to re-opening and seeing you all again!